Newsletter från Fattoria Le Fonti

The harvest of 2013 is in the cellar. It was a crazy year. After a very
dry and hot 2012 came an extremely wet winter and spring. The rain only
stopped mid June, just in time to not disturb the flowering. A nice and
sunny summer followed, with a few very warm weeks in August and the
grapes ripened well. Due to the late flowering and the short summer, we
did not have as much sugar in our grapes as in the past years which finally
led to a vintage with well balanced alcohol grades (13-13,5%).
At the end of September, we started with the Merlot harvest. Sadly
we had a few rainy days in October, which interrupted the picking twice.
Some of the Sangiovese vineyards suffered and lost up to 15% of the
grapes. Sangiovese grapes are such prima-donnas that they suffer quite
easily from mold, taste earthy when picked too early or unripe and throw
a tantrum if aged in the wrong type of oak barrel by tasting like tobacco
or giving off bitter notes. So with rain during harvest season, the tight
bunched Sangiovese grape often loses out. Only a very rigorous harvest
team can then ensure that only the healthy and best grapes are selected.
We had a wonderful team of 18 pickers this year. Most have beenIMG_6950
with us during the past years and it was a lot of fun chatting and working
between the rows in the vineyard. Even some importers, like Gerry from
Sweden, came to lend a hand. Great thanks goes out to the great team
and their fantastic help!
The 2013 wines have just finished going through their secondary
fermentation and they are looking good. Next week we will start making
the blends and then they go into the oak barrels for 12 to 24 months. It is
a very classic vintage with beautiful fruit and pleasant alcohol like we had
in the past few year.
The vintage of 2013 is definitely a year to look out for!

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